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Royal Limousines - Eðalvagnaþjónustan
The most stylish cars in Iceland . . .
   . . . ready at your service.

The Limousine Service Ltd. (Eðalvagnaþjónustan ehf.) has recently added a magnificent new limousine to its fleet, the first of its kind and the newest in Europe.

Travellers due to catch a flight will appreciate the appearance, at their house or hotel, of a warm and comfortable limousine which takes them directly to Keflavík Airport.

Travellers, from both Iceland and abroad, enjoy letting the Limousine Service Ltd. drive them wherever they desire, whether to the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss, Geysir or Þingvellir.

One of the most important days in one’s life is one’s wedding day. As the years go by, the things that will stay fresh in one’s memory are the church, the reception and the limousine.

The Limousine Service Ltd. aims to meet its customers’ needs, for whatever length of trip or time period, as well as to any destination in the country, at whatever time of day. We are able to provide most types of limousine.

Royal Limousine Service Ltd - Eðalvagnaþjónustan ehf
Hegranes 23 - 210 Garðabær


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